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The big cheese…

Leicester or Gorgonzola? …whatever your fancy, you cannot have a piece to big, according to Gloucestershire law enforcement. Organisers of the annual cheese rolling event that has been held for 200 years on the Whitsun Bank Holiday in May in the town of Brockworth, Gloucestershire has been asked not to go ahead. The event entails ‘chasers’ running after 12 inch cheeses rolling down a hill, the first to the bottom wins the cheese. Everything was going fine, until, this year the 86 year old lady who makes the cheeses, was warned that she would be liable for any injuries suffered by those running after her cheeses. She was warned by 3 police officers who came to her door. She was warned not to give the event any cheese. The annual event consists of five races, three for men, one for women and one safer uphill one for children. The official race has stopped since 2009 but a group of rebels still race each year. This year rebels staged their own cheese rolling unofficial event. A lightweight piece of foam was used instead of cheese this year, but exactly how this made it safer is unclear, as the ‘danger’ is running down the hill after the cheese, not the cheese itself. The lady who traditionally supplies the cheese every year, was warned not to partake due to health and safety fears and liability to her if there were any injuries. Competitors travelled from all parts of the world this year, ie Australia and the US to take part in this traditional cheesing event. Eventhough there was a large police presence at Cooper’s Hill, the event still took place as planned but without the cheese.

The floats…

It has been reported that the July carnival celebration floats in Gloucester are being banned this year due to health and safety fears. There are fears that the huge floats will make the carnival more dangerous. A few carnival groups, having already made their floats, have had to pull out. People are saying it is just too much red tape.

The sock…

Staying in Gloucester, kids at a primary school have been banned from wearing frilly socks in case they trip over. Kingsholm Primary School banned the wearing of them after one youngster toppledd over. Since then the school has renewed its uniform policy and said that the frill should now be no more than 3cm. Parents are seemingly defying the ban.

The fish…

It has been reported that a member of staff at the fish counter at Waitrose refused to filled a trout because the fish was “too slippery” and was a hazard according to health and safety at the store. But when the customer complained to the Health and Safety Executive, it was ruled that the customer was right –  slippery fish are a fact of life. The customer wanted a filleted trout. None were available pre-packed so she asked the assistant behind the counter to fillet some from a whole fish. It was then that the supervisor stepped in and stopped the filleting due to the fish being too slippery. There was another incident where a butcher refused to bone a leg of lamb on health and safety grounds.

Poor kid…

A  kindergarten boy has been suspended from school for 10 days because he showed his friend his cowboy-style cap gun. The kindergartener purchased the toy gun i.e a plastic orange tipped one from a local kids theme park. The five year old was questioned for over 2 hours before they called his mother. What could they have asked him for two hours? Whos your supplier? Who was your target? The little sister was then brought in for questioning. He got suspended for a “possession of a look-alike gun.” The principal then told the mother that if the gun had been loaded with caps it would have been deemed an explosive and the police would have been called in. According to reports the family immediately hired an attorney who is going to appeal the suspension and appeal that the child’s record be cleared.

Some other crazy health and safety stories out there include

  • Pub workers not being allowed to give plasters to members of the public for fear it may cause an allergic reaction
  • Sports day sack races being banned
  • Pins being replaced on commemorative poppies with very difficult to use alternatives
  • School yard games being restricted to foam balls


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