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In an Ulverston supermarket, staff were asked to take packets of nuts off the shelves – because they may contain nuts. Packets of Whole Hearted Roasted Monkey Nuts have had to be withdrawn because they didn’t have a label on them saying that  they may contain peanuts. Peanuts are monkey nuts roasted! But the argument was that this product was a health risk to those who are allergic to peanuts. Nuff’ said.


A cat is currently alive and well in a Stratford-upon-Avon’s Royal Mail sorting office. This cat has been great company for post men working there for the past five years. Recently, the post men were told by managers that the cat had to go. This decision has been described by one of the post men as being “pathetic”. A cat sanctuary had being sourced and there was worries of a transport cage arriving at reception. The new area manager at the post office had decided that the cat had to go; this sparked a Facebook campaign ‘Save Our Cat’ – nearly 1000 people have joined this protest. It has been reported that Stratford residents visited the sorting office with supplies of cat food. However, the latest is that the cat is still prowling the premises and the cat cage has mysteriously disappeared.


In a Burnham clinic a mum was left in tears after she was told she couldn’t bring her baby pram into the clinic due to health and safety reasons. It has not been revealed as to what the exact health and safety breach was, but, it caused much distress to this mum. She brought two of her toddlers to be weighted at the clinic and when she arrived she was told to leave the push chair outside. She suffers from a back condition and finds it hard to carry two children all at once and for long periods. She was not aware she had breached health and safety at the clinic. It is unclear as to what the problem was. Maybe the pushchair was a tripping hazard? Was it not more dangerous for her to carry two kids unaided??

Tooth picks

A man in Derbyshire was told in a hotel restaurant that he couldn’t have a tooth pick because he might stab himself. He said: ‘I’m a grown adult – I’ll take the risk.”


Scientists are working on a genetic engineering project to develop a health and safety cow that has no horns. This is to prevent injuring farmers and walkers. Techniques are currently being researched to create a dairy cow without horns. At first read this might have seen a ludicrous story,  but many farmers have to burn off the horn buds off calves and this can be very painful for the animals. Cattle are among the most dangerous livestock so this is actually a good idea.


The Hertfordshire Probation Trust had supplied a Volunteer with offenders to help pick up rubbish. However, this Volunteer who was organising the offenders to pick up rubbish, was asked for a risk assessment and a public liability insurance certificate. All just to pick up litter. He is reported to have said this is “bonkers”.

Rock cakes

A mum and daughter were raising cash to attend a park Easter egg hunt. They were unexpectedly interrupted from their fundraising by a health inspector. The couple selling the rock cakes were asked if they had completed a risk assessment form and where was their public liability insurance? The interrogation was prolonged when they had to fill out loads of risk forms about who had booked the cakes and the hygiene during the cooking process. One of the women said that the Easter egg hunt in the park was the first time they were targeted in five years.


The head of a prep school in Sussex will tell the Boarding Schools’ Association that he will encourage children to climb trees despite some health and safety risk. He urged that health and safety rules will not stop children at his school having fun.

Star Trek

“Star Trek Into Darkness” star Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that one of his co-stars managed to trick him into covering his face with sun tan lotion to protect from ‘dangerous’ lasers. Benedict presumed that the technology on set posed a health and safety threat. Benedict got on set and was told to wear “neutron cream” to protect himself. Unbeknownst to him, there was no danger and it was a prank carried out by the staff on set. Despite being fooled, Benedict took it all humorously, and explained he really didn’t know. There could have been a genuine health and safety risk.



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