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The custard pie

The town of Bakewell, in Derbyshire, is famous for its cherry topped custard pie. There had been a custard scrap planned for June 9, which was scheduled to close the Bakewell Baking Festival. The sport was to be named the ‘Mr Darcy Pie Fight’ in tribute to Jane Austen. The event was been staged in honour of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s novel. The game involved two teams, each protecting their own ‘Mr Darcy’. However, this custard pie event has been cancelled because nobody will insure against this sport. The event has been described as ‘too dangerous’ and no insurer will consider it. How could a few pies and paper plates really be that dangerous…

The village tree

In Keelby, Lincolnshire, there is a 25ft Hawthorn tree, that might get the chop. Even though it is a 400 year old village landmark, parish councilors want to get it cut down because children “might” injure themselves climbing it, even though no injuries have been reported. There have, however, been a number of accidents on the climbing frame in the village. But the parish councilors are not removing that. Residents are furious, as this tree does not pose a threat. Part of a child’s development is climbing, and parents have said this “brings them closer to the natural world”. However, the parish council have reported that the tree would have to go because of “health and safety” concerns…

The tie

A 13 year old boy was made to take his lessons in isolation because his tie breached health and safety rules. The school-goer wanted to wear a real tie, rather than the clip on version. When he refused he was told to do his lessons in isolation away from the other kids. The boy said he would rather wear a real tie than the “childish” clip on one. Needless to say, the dress code at that school is currently under review…

The gym

A poster, for one of the biggest gyms in the UK, included a message to all male members that hairdryers could only be used for drying hair and nothing else. The gym poster reads “Due to health and safety could you please use the hairdryers to dry your head-hair only. Please do not use the hair dryers to dry your whole body, we do provide towels for this”. A gym member reported this “amusing” sign as he thought he was breaking all kinds of company regulations…

The cupcake

Gleadless Primary School in Sheffield issued a notice that parents who were donating cakes and buns to the Christmas fair must hold a food and hygiene certificate. One dad had said this was “absolutely bonkers”. The head teacher had sent out this notice but a council spokesman had said it really only applied to contractors who catered for events. In the light of this feedback, the guidance will be reviewed and commonsense would prevail…

The school race

West Dunbartonshire Council banned a legendary figure from firing his pistol at a school race. They said that due to health and safety reasons the noise of the pistol could frighten the kids. One parent said this was “ludicrous”.



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