Scenario 1
A Bar refused to let customer carry tray of drinks because they had not been ‘health and safety trained’?!
HSE replies  “The suggestion that special training is needed for a customer to use a tray to carry drinks/food in a restaurant is patently ridiculous. There is no occupational health and safety legislation which requires customers to be trained to do something which they are likely to do regularly in their own homes.”

Scenario 2
A Perth & Kinross school have been told that they cannot display children’s work on windows using “Blu Tack” due to Health and Safety concerns. It is claimed that a chemical in the Blu Tack may combine with a chemical in the glass to make it shatter.
HSE replies “Whatever the reason for banning the use of Blu Tack it is not on health and safety grounds. The manufacturer’s website makes clear that the product can be used on glass…”

Scenario 3
A charity shop has said that they cannot sell knitting needles for health and safety reasons.
HSE replies ” There are no health and safety regulations which apply to sale/re-sale of knitting needles and the panel can see no legitimate health and safety reason which could justify this decision. We urge the charity to reconsider its decision and at least come clean on the real reason for its decision.”

Scenario 4
A local public hall has removed knives from the hall kitchen on the grounds of health and safety
HSE replies “There is no health and safety regulation banning knives from kitchens in public halls. Banning knives from kitchens is neither sensible nor proportionate.”

Scenario 5
The enquirer claims that a hotel chain does not provide floor towels for stepping out of the bath/shower due to ‘Health and Safety’. The reason given was that ‘you could slip over’.
HSE replies ” There is no health and safety regulation which prevents hotels from providing bath mats or towels in bathrooms. It would be much better if the hotel chain explained the real reasons for their decision, rather than pretending it is motivated by concerns about health and safety.”

Scenario 6
The complainant queried whether a risk assessment was necessary to serve tea at a school fete??
HSE replies ” ..There is no need to do a separate risk assessment for serving tea.”

Scenario 7
The enquirer had read a press story where it appears that a Health Trust had decided to withdraw ‘metal paper fasteners’ from use. This decision appeared to be based on an incident where a worker injured their finger.
 HSE replies ” There is no health and safety legislation that bans the use of metal paper fasteners…”

Scenario 8
A Museum cafeteria refused to serve a five year old a dippy (ie; soft-boiled) egg on the grounds of “Health and Safety”.
HSE replies ” Whatever the reason for the museum’s decision not to serve “dippy” (ie; soft-boiled) eggs, it would be better if they were transparent about this, rather than incorrectly justifying the decision on health and safety grounds.”

Scenario 9
A school production, contributing to students GCSE exams was not going ahead because the lighting operator had not had attended a fixed ladder training course
HSE replies ” This is not a proportionate or sensible decision and is an unnecessarily rigid interpretation of working at height regulations…”

Scenario 10
Concert-goers were banned from taking umbrellas into an outdoor JLS concert – because they posed a health and safety risk
HSE replies “This clearly was not a health and safety issue in spite of the claims made by the organisers. If umbrellas really were a health and safety risk they would need to be banned in busy high streets and the like…”

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