Chas (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)  is the biggest Health and Safety assessment scheme in the UK, with over 50,000 suppliers and 500+ buyers in its database. Buyers are those private and public sector organizations and companies that put projects out to tender. Membership for buyers depends on them having a supply chain. The suppliers are contractors who tender for these contracts. Suppliers are not just construction companies, but range from health care services to designers. Any organization can be a supplier. Chas is the health and safety pre-qualification scheme for suppliers in the UK. Basically, Chas processes the initial health and safety application process for buyers, saving them time and resources in seeking competent contractors. In 2013, so far, Chas had processed over 11,000 assessment requests from buyers and matched them to over 2,000 suppliers of goods and services. Chas is used by many clients to decide which contractors they want to invite to tender for their work. If a contractor is not Chas compliant or Chas accredited, they may not be invited to tender for contracts.

Many suppliers need to make a Chas application to get on a tender list or they may just want to be compliant or accredited in preparation for future tender opportunities. A Chas compliant supplier meets the threshold standard for health and safety. A Chas accredited supplier goes beyond this, and also, must have been compliant for at least 9 months. Accreditation includes licensed use of the Chas logo on company documentation and reduced insurance premiums. The Chas assessment is carried out as a desktop assessment; there are no audit visits to the organisations place of work. All the supporting documents must be included in the application process. These documents include risk assessments, training programs and certificates, COSHH assessments, fire risk assessments and other relevant supporting documentation. In the registration process, Chas assesses different areas (see grid below) depending on the supplier, but there are some common areas. The prinicple of the Chas scheme is to help any supplier improve their safety management.


Protectus Consulting supports contractors with the Chas registration process. Protectus Consulting has a record of helping may different companies and organisations to become Chas accredited or compliant. Contact one of our trained health and safety consultants here for help.

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