Achilles helps buyers of goods and services to reduce cost and risk by qualifying potential suppliers. Achilles assesses a broad range of industries including construction, finance, mining, cement, oil and gas, public sector, service industries, transport and utilities. Assessment includes desktop assessments and on-site audits of suppliers’ premises. Buyers frequently have the heavy task of qualifying and evaluating suppliers in terms of legal and financial risk. Suppliers need to be able to establish themselves through qualifications, compliance and experience. Achilles is a scheme that assesses suppliers in terms of environment, legal, financial, information on products and services, health and safety, capability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), reliability and quality. Achilles collects and validates information in these areas; that which procurement professionals need. Each industry is looked at differently and may include accident records, turnover and geographical area. All service providers in the supply chain are welcome. Assessment includes on-site audits, desktop assessments and monitoring of contractor and sub-contractor documentation and permits. Achilles can offer the buyer a complete view of a suppliers’ supply chain risk.

How Achilles helps suppliers
Achilles matches over 77,00 suppliers with 800 of the world’s largest buying organizations. As a supplier, having the Achilles accreditation ISO9001 has enormous weight in attracting buyers and initiating real opportunities. With this stamp of approval, the buyers knows that the supplier has gone through a rigorous evaluation and audit process to achieve this universal standard.

How Achilles helps buyers
Buyers can be confident that Achilles will provide validated supplier information. Buyers are supported through the key stages of the procurement process, which includes finding suppliers, pre-qualifying them, evaluating, monitoring and auditing. Achilles looks beyond procurement for the buyer, i.e at health and safety, finance, CSR/carbon reduction. Achilles has accurate and up to date information on suppliers. There is a centralized community model where data is shared. Achilles ensures that suppliers  are compliant in terms of legal and corporate responsibility.

Achilles helps businesses identify and manage risks in their supply chain. As of 2013, Achilles has a database of over 790+ of the largest buyer organizations and over 93,000 suppliers in eleven different industry sectors. Achilles operates globally in different markets. Achilles increases the business opportunities for both buyers and sellers. It reduces risk and increases the visibility of the whole supply chain. Achilles is one of the major schemes representing the SSIP-C Forum  (Safety  Schemes in Procurement- Competence Forum (SSIP-C Forum)).

Protectus Consulting supports suppliers wishing to gain the Achilles accreditation ISO9001. Protectus Consulting have extensive experience in helping companies be prepared for the Achilles in-house audits and online assessments. Contact one of the team today here for an informal no obligation discussion.

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