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Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) i.e computer workstations, laptops and other VDU’s can sometimes be associated with neck, shoulder, wrist and arm pain. VDU’s can also cause eyestrain and fatigue. In offices and places of work the Health and…
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Protect your Hands

The best kind of gloves to use in the work place are non-powdered, 'low-protein' single-use latex gloves. 'Low-protein' means manufactured to the European Standards indicated by EN420. In powered latex gloves, NRL (Natural Rubber Latex) proteins…
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Work at Height

10 million workers are estimated to be carrying out jobs involved in working at height every year in the UK. Falls are the biggest causes of death and injury. However, if one uses their safety harness and work at height gear properly (see video…
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Risk - The HSE 5 step process

           Step 1 – HSE – Identify the hazards Identify the hazards associated with the task or activity Consider People, Equipment, Materials and the Environment People hazards cover a number of issues. Consider training,…
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COSHH for Beauticians and Nail Bars

Ingredients used in nail lacquering, hair dressing, electrolysis, tattooing and some other treatments can cause allergies and/or ill health to the recipient. It is the duty of all salons, nail bars and beauty therapists to comply with COSHH…
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Pallet Safety

PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) covers the safety of work equipment involving pallets and the use of them. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 is also applicable. These regulations cover…
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5 Star Certification Success

Success for TEAMFORCE Labour Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) Following preparation with our team and an audit by Achilles in June this year, we are pleased to announce that TEAMFORCE Labour (www.teamforcelabour.co.uk) has…
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Respiratory priority areas - workplace awareness

Occupational respiratory disease is a big issue. Every year there are approximately 12 000 deaths due to occupational respiratory diseases. There are many trades and industries where by workers may be putting their lives and health at risk.…
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Exercises to help alleviate muscle fatigue in sedentary work

There are many exercises that can be done which may alleviate the discomfort or even eliminate the onset of serious musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s). MSDs cover any injury, damage or disorder to the joints of the upper/lower limbs or the…
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Tattooing Safety and UK Law

It is imperative to protect oneself and others in the Tattooing Industry. This includes the Client (person who is having the Tattoo administered on their skin) and the Operator (the person administrating the Tattoo). This article addresses general…
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The owner of a Leicester care home has been fined £100,000 after a vulnerable 85-year-old resident died from serious burns. The elderly are at risk of injuries from burn incidents. To avoid the risk of burns the care home should carry out a…
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Swimming Pool Health and Safety

There are many risks associated with public and private swimming pools. Pool owners (including local authority clients), architects, engineers, designers and pool hirers need to have a vigilant awareness of safety in leisure pool activities.…
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